Stevens County Hyper-Reach System Now On Alexa Speakers

Stevens County Sheriff Brad Manke announced the addition of smart speaker notification on the Hyper-Reach emergency notification system.  

Hyper-Reach is an emergency mass notification system built by the Asher Group of Rochester, New York.  It was designed for public safety and emergency communicators to be able to reach as many citizens as possible. This enhancement allows your Alexa, or Alexa-compatible, smart speaker to receive the same selection of local emergency messages that is already available to any landline, cell phone, TDD/TTY, text, or email address.  “We’re thrilled to add Alexa delivery to our Hyper-Reach toolbox,” said Sheriff Brad Manke. “With this new feature, we’ve got one more way to get important information to our citizens fast and effectively.”  A form needs to be completed with Hyper-Reach in order for Alexa to be configured to your address.  Once signed up with Hyper-Reach, adding it onto your smart speaker is simple and takes very little time.

How To Sign Up With The Stevens County Hyper-Reach System:

  • Your address must be located within Stevens County.
  • Go to the website:  On the bottom right side, under Stevens County Emergency Management, click on “County Emergency Notification Signup”.  Complete the form and submit.


  • Go to the website:  At the top, click on “County Emergency Notification Signup”.  Complete the form and submit.


  • Call the office at (509) 684-2588, and they can complete the form over the phone with you.

You will NOT receive any notice confirming your enrollment. But not to worry, you will get the types of emergency notifications you chose on the form.  

If you do not own an Alexa-smart speaker device, you can sign up to receive these emergency messages on any number of your devices and/or emails.  Landline numbers are automatically contacted with Community Alerts, but not the Weather Alerts.  You can choose all these preferences when signing up with Hyper-Reach through the methods described above in “How to sign up with the Stevens County Hyper-Reach system.”

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