Rotarian of the Year

“Rotarian of the Year” was awarded to Joe Feist, principal of Deer Park High School.  The honor was delivered by Wes Player, the outgoing president of the Deer Park Rotary Club. 

Joe Feist has been the inspiration and implementer behind the club’s successful golf tournaments.

When he had newly joined Deer Park Rotary, Feist saw the golf tournament as a way to contribute and serve. And what a contribution he has made! It takes many club members to plan and put on the annual tournament, but it’s Joe Feist who leads the way. His strong relationships in the community have enhanced the success of this event. Funds raised at the tournament support academic and vocational scholarships to deserving students in the Deer Park, Riverside, and Mary Walker High Schools. 

When accepting this award, Feist said his ultimate reward for his work with Rotary is the joy expressed by our local students when they receive one of these scholarships. Joe Feist has been the principal at Deer Park High School for the last 14 years. Prior to that, he was athletic director and basketball coach at Chewelah High School for 8 years, and a teacher and basketball coach at West Valley High School for 16 years. His wife, Shanna, teaches at Deer Park Elementary. They have four adult children and one grandson. 

About The Deer Park Rotary Club

Deer Park Rotary supports many local charities with money raised through an annual Petunia Sale in the spring, an annual Golf Tournament in September, and other activities supported by their local community. Much of their fundraising goes toward support of education in the Deer Park area, including scholarships for Deer Park, Riverside, and Mary Walker High Schools and the Student of the Month Program.

Deer Park Rotary is currently meeting through Zoom but typically meets weekly at noon, on Thursdays, at the First Street Bar and Grill banquet room, 122 W 1st Street, Deer Park, WA 99006. 

Photo By: Deer Park Rotary Club

Caption: Joe Feist awarded “Rotarian of the Year” by Wes Player, the outgoing president of the Deer Park Rotary Club. 

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