Deer Park Yard Sale Safety

The Deer Park Yard Sale is still being held August 7th through the 9th. The website currently shows a map with 24 sales this weekend.

As Spokane county remains in Phase 2, there are many concerns right now about being in large groups even in outdoor events, so here are some best practices and helpful tips to enjoy bargain hunting while staying safe. These are our recommendations; however, we will not be requiring these things to participate in this year’s yard sale. State laws are regulating gatherings and it is up to you to follow them.


If you choose to wear gloves while you’re at a yard sale, remove them promptly when you are finished with each sale location. Remember that gloves only prevent the germs from sticking to your hands; if you keep them on for the whole day, they are likely not doing any good. 

It would be better to not wear gloves at all, and to sanitize or wash your hands after each sale that you visit. To be courteous to others, wash/sanitize your hands BEFORE each sale.


Face coverings lessen the distance your germs are able to travel. Out of consideration for others, please wear masks at yard sales. Once you are a safe distance from others or inside your car, your mask is no longer necessary. 

Physical distancing is perhaps the most effective way besides masks in preventing the spread of Covid-19. If a yard sale is very busy, perhaps go to the next sale and come back later, or wait until some of the crowd moves on. Limiting the number of people congregated in an area will reduce the likelihood of spread.

Don’t Be Angry

If you disagree with the Deer Park Yard Sale holding their event, we understand that. Many people right now would prefer to not take part in these gatherings and that is fine. High risk individuals need to protect themselves. Please do not attack and smear participants. Everyone should take the precautions they deem necessary to be safe. If you don’t think people around you are being safe, stay away from them.

Yard saling is an American pastime, and after months of fear and economic crisis, some normalcy and being able to clear out your homes and shop for more is a much needed respite.

If you are holding a yard sale this year and want some tips to help others find your sale, go to:

If you are bargain hunting this year and want to make the most of your shopping day, here is a list of ideas:

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