Featured Pet: Lisa & Frank

Name: Lisa & Frank
Breed: Shepherd Mix
Age: Adult

Size: Lisa 40lbs Frank 50lbs
Energy: Medium
Spay/Neutered: Yes!
Vaccinations/Dewormed: Up to date 

Rescue: Path of Hope Rescue
Contact: pathofhoperescue.com/adopt-1


Lisa and Frank are a sweet, affectionate pair! They are quick to greet you, and will try to bump the other out of the way to get some pets in.

Lisa is very eager to please and will check in with her human to make sure everything is okay. She does have some mild allergies and is on medication and special food to control her itches. This does not hinder her zest for life in any way. She loves to go on walks, and is completely content laying in the sun. 

Frank is a curious boy and will follow you around to see what’s going on, and also in case you need something to pet. He LOVES his crate and is always hungry.

Both do great with other dogs and are both potty trained and crate trained! Despite being medium sized dogs, they aren’t overly energetic, mostly looking to each other to play. This dynamic duo really have the sweetest dispositions, and are looking for a home with a yard and people to shower their unconditional love on to.

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