Crowdsourcing Our Broadband Access

The Stevens County / Spokane Tribe Broadband Action Team announced in a press release that they are collaborating with the Spokane Tribe Telecom Exchange (STTX) on a crowdsourcing project. By collecting internet speed data from residents, they will gain the ability to further advocate for an expansion of high-speed internet connectivity throughout communities in need of it.

A fast, reliable internet connection is more vital now than ever before. Residential internet access is an issue for many in rural areas, and the pandemic makes this more evident as internet use is necessary with much of the at home work and schooling now taking place. Over 6,400 students (K-12) and college students, as well as parents who are now required to work from home, depend upon this access, and many are struggling to stay connected to their work while living in rural areas.

Testing will take place through May 22nd. It will provide the most accurate collection of internet speed data while demand of internet usage is the highest. It takes about a minute to do, and can be done from any computer or mobile device connected to your home internet. The data collected will help with planning and funding for broadband projects. The Broadband Action Team and the Spokane Tribe Telecom Exchange (STTX) will be able to challenge the FCC map with statistically valid data, and apply for grants by demonstrating truly unserved and underserved areas.

“STTX has been working with WSBO and GEO Partners and we are excited to be collecting this additional data,” states Robin Kennedy, CEO of the Spokane Tribe Telecom Exchange.

“We’ve done speed test[s] before, but this time it’s better,” says Debra Hansen, coordinator of the SC/ST BAT, “this test is different from others we’ve asked you to do: the technology has improved, GEO partners has the ability to analyze and plan future projects, and we have a new Washington State Broadband Office that is here to support us moving forward.”

The Stevens County / Spokane Tribe Broadband Action Team has been a strong advocate for additional broadband across the region, and recognizes that high-speed quality internet is critical to economic development, education, business, public safety, and healthcare. 

Your participation is important and no personal information will be collected.

To participate in the project’s quick survey and internet speed test, go to:  

Additionally, if you do not have residential internet service, please let them know.

To contact Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm for more information:

Debra Hansen, Director Leslie Hardwick, Billing Manager

WSU Stevens County Extension Spokane Tribe Telecom Exchange (STTX)

Cell Phone: (509) 684-2588 Office phone: (509) 818-1471Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

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