Bee Friendly

Spring is here! This is an important season for bees and pollinators, especially honeybees as they emerge and are beginning to forage for food. 

One of the first food sources for honeybees in spring is dandelions. Known for their health benefits for humans and honeybees for centuries, people used to pull out their grass in order to let the dandelions flourish. Dandelions can be interpreted as more than just weeds. If you choose to remove them from your yard, consider waiting to remove them until after they bloom. This allows the bees to gather the nectar & pollen needed to feed their hive.

Honeybees are important for the planet and for mankind; they are used for the pollination of many crops that we eat today.  Without honeybees, we wouldn’t have as many food choices and this would hinder our long-term survival. There are certain plant species that rely on one sole pollinator to survive. Without that pollinator, the plant would then die too. 

Honeybees coexist with many other pollinators such as wasps, carpenter bees, and bumblebees, to name a few. We commonly view wasps as a threat and a nuisance in our day to day lives; however, wasps serve a larger purpose on earth as well. They help control pests in our gardens as well as pollinate. If we feel overwhelmed by wasps, one healthy alternative to remove them is to use wasp traps. Either those purchased at the store, or homemade are safe and don’t affect honeybees or other pollinators, as they are not carnivores. We at Hunting Bee Apiary, use them in and around our bee yard. 

Should you feel you need to use pest control chemicals, it is recommended that you use them sparingly in the late evening or early morning when the honeybees aren’t out foraging. It’s important that we realize the different roles our insects play in our lives. There are so many natural ways we can combat insect pests while maintaining the healthy balance needed for our crops and our survival. 

A fun way to feed the bees is to plant perennials in your yard. You’ll be able to make an impact even if you’re on a budget. Nowadays, many stores sell packets of seeds that feed lots of pollinators. You can enjoy the beautiful flowers that grow, while also knowing that you too are making a difference for the world and the pollinators.

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