Avista Smart Meters

As Avista works to prevent power outages, as well as improve energy efficiency, their workers have started installing electric smart meters and natural gas smart modules throughout Washington service territory.

You may have a crew come to your property; as long as they have safe and clear access to your meters, you will not have to be present while they complete the job. In some cases, there might be a short power outage or multiple visits from the company to get the work done.

In a letter from Avista they said, “The new smart meters are part of an integrated system designed to make us smarter together. Powered by secure, two-way communications between your new meter and Avista, you’ll be able to better monitor and manage your energy usage —and we’ll be able to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of energy delivery for all of our customers. You’ll get information at your fingertips. Online access to charts and graphs will give you more insight to the energy you use.”

They also say that this has more personalized information, which gives you the ability to better manage your monthly bill. Smart meters communicate directly with Avista, meaning they will be able to detect and restore power outages more quickly. This technology also helps integrate more renewables onto the system, meaning it will help reduce our region’s carbon footprint.

Avista asks that your existing natural gas and/or electric meter is free from obstructions, that all pets are secured away from the site, and access to your property is safe and clear. 

Avista has also made it clear that if you do not want a new smart meter at your home, you can choose to have a non-communicating, non-smart meter installed instead. With this comes an extra monthly fee to cover costs of manual readings of the meter.

To learn more about these smart meters, visit the website myavista.com/smartmeters

If you have any further questions, you can contact them directly at 1-800-227-9187

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