School Food For Kids

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  • Starting March 19th for Deer Park and Riverside School Districts.
  • Must be ages 1 – 18.
  • Grab and Go – No on location dining.
  • Registration not required but helpful.
  • Students must be present to receive.

As of right now some schools will not be offering lunch during Spring Break so please check with your specific school district.

Deer Park School District

Starting Thursday, March 19th free meals will be available to anyone in our community between the ages 1-18. This service will only be available through the end of the statewide school closure. Food service will not be offered during spring break (April 6th – April 10th). The “grab and go” meals being prepared will include both breakfast food and a lunch meal in one sack – this food is provided at no cost to ALL children. 

Please follow the link to fill out the online form so that the meal prep staff is aware of your need:
DPSD Breakfast/Lunch “Grab and Go” Sign Up

Food will be distributed at the schools listed below from 10:30am to 11:30am. Federal rules require that meal recipients (age 1-18) are present to pick up their meal. Students do not need to qualify for free or reduced meals to receive a meal and no forms or registration are required.

Deer Park Elementary
1500 E. D Street
Deer Park, WA 99006

Deer Park Middle School
347 S. Colville
Deer Park, WA 99006

Deer Park Home Link (Service at this site starts on Monday, March 23)
North 428 Main Ave.
Deer Park, WA 99006

The School District is working on a plan to begin using school buses to deliver the “grab and go” lunches to remote distribution points beginning on Monday, March 23. 

Loon Lake School District 

Monday, March 23rd Loon Lake School District will have two possible options for you to get sacks of food. Meal sacks would contain that day’s lunch and the following day’s breakfast.

Option 1 will be delivery via school bus. The bus would deliver food in the morning (following their normal afternoon route).  

Option 2 will be a 9am -1am pick up at the Loon Lake School

These plans are subject to change, and the school district requests that you fill out the survey to tell them which option you would prefer, follow this link for the survey:

Either option dictates that the child must be present to receive meals. 
Meals would available during spring break.

Mary Walker School District

Mary Walker School District posted on their Facebook, “A family who needs meal delivery for school-age children, please call us at 509.258.4798 for support. This line will be monitored daily during our COVID-19 Closure to help us be responsive to our student and family needs.”

Riverside School District

  • Ages 18 and under
  • Grab and Go
  • Registration not required but helpful
  • Student must be present to receive

Starts Thursday, March 19th 
From 11am-noon at 5 Locations (so far)

For ages 18 and under, Grab-and-Go Breakfast and Lunch during the school closure.

Children to not need to be Riverside students and registration is not required, however, to help figure out numbers the Riverside bus garage will be calling all families they do routes to, in order to see if they are opting in for numbers sake however, if you would like to opt-in, call 464-8498. Children must be present to pick up meals. 

Riverside Elementary School
3802 E. Deer Park/Milan Rd.

Chattaory Elementary
2517 N. Yale Rd.

Elk Community Park
40500 N. Camden Rd.

Aloha Pines
40602 N. Newport Hwy
Elk, Wa

Rustic Ridge Mobile Park
35312 N. Newport Hwy
Chattaroy, Wa

There may be additional locations soon.

Bite2Go will also provide additional food (first come, first serve) each Friday at all five locations. Our bus drivers plan to call all students and families tomorrow to assess how many meals we need to plan. Please take advantage of this opportunity – FREE for all kids!!

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