Winter Exercise

With the new year comes resolution season, new hope, snow, and sometimes frigid temperatures.  While you are working on your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about your pets who often get stuck indoors or receive minimal exercise during the inclement weather.  Our pets need exercise just as much as we do, so include them in your activities, or create some fun exercises that you can do with your pet. Cats can benefit from new cat toys or a cat tower to keep them active and entertained.  Cesar Milan has great winter activity ideas for dogs on his website

  1. Play a game, like hide and seek, with your dog.
  2. Challenge your dog’s nose by creating an obstacle course for dinner.
  3. Utilize dog treadmills or take them for a walk indoors.
  4. Sign your dog up for a class.
  5. Practice targeting and new commands.
  6. Don’t be a wimp…get outdoors.

Don’t forget that outdoor animals like horses also benefit from exercising with you in winter.  While icy roads and snow covered trails may reduce riding opportunities, there are still ways to maintain discipline and a strong bond with your horse.  Even activities as simple as leading them around the pasture or training area on a halter can be beneficial. Just be sure to provide a blanket if your horse works up a sweat during your winter activities.  With a little bit of creativity, you can turn a dreary winter day into a fun activity filled day for you and your pets this New Year’s.

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