Weight Restrictions on County Roads

Spokane County Public Works Department has announced that as of February 5th, seasonal weight restrictions have been put in effect on all Spokane County roads. These restrictions probably won’t affect the average car or truck; however, any commercial drivers may need to check the new restrictions to make sure they are in compliance. 

The change in restrictions is due to the influx of potholes. Potholes are caused when water gets under the pavement and freezes, which causes the pavement to crack so more water can get underneath it. This results in the sediment being washed away. 

During the winter months the county temporarily fixes these potholes with a sealant, and are supposed to come back during the summer for a permanent fix; however, if they are not contacted they rarely do so. If there are potholes that could be causing damage to your vehicle or anyone else’s, make sure you call the Spokane County Pothole line so they are aware of the problem.

24 Hour Pothole Line

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