Round and Round We Go

Roundabouts are a favorite Deer Park hot topic. Whether you think they’re brilliant or asinine, there will be another one soon within the Deer Park city limits.

The intersection for Crawford and Colville will be the home to the next traffic circle. Surveying has begun; construction will begin in the next year or two. The project will also extend sidewalks on Colville Road from Crawford to at least 3rd Street. Water, sewer, traffic signage, and street lighting will also be updated. The city is also considering going as far as 6th Street with these improvements.

The neighbors at this intersection have already been impacted by this incoming traffic modification, as planning and work on this update has been in the works for several years. The city council made the decision that the intersection needed a roundabout, and has already acquired the property required.

Eminent Domain

Though the city paid residents for the portion of their properties that will be swallowed up by the circle, some of the neighbors resent the loss and feel cheated. At the time of the decision, various homeowners on the Crawford/Colville intersection tried to take legal action. However, for some, it became a matter of funds and they simply could not afford to take the issue to court.

Other renters and homeowners are concerned that with less yard to act as a buffer for out of control vehicles, they will wake up to cars inside their homes. One resident will have to take out a large portion of their backyard in order to reposition their Crawford facing driveway to a different part of the property, which was part of the consideration in determining a fair compensation for the acquisition of the land.

Why Another Roundabout? 

As aforementioned, many in Deer Park believe traffic circles to be asinine at best, while others find them to be safer and more useful.  With the Crawford and Colville crossroads being extremely busy, especially during school transit hours, the safety of kids and families is paramount in city planner’s minds.

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