Lighting The Way

Streetlights add a lot to the look and appeal of our city, not to mention help us see and make us feel safer while walking on the sidewalks at night. Often we go right by these lights without a second thought, and like many things in life, we don’t notice them until they are not working. At a recent city council meeting, some information was shared about the care and maintenance of these lights.


Some of the streetlights are metered, while others are on a flat rate monthly payment. Dependent upon many factors, such as wattage, bulb type, and whether or not the light is metered, the monthly cost per lamp ranges from $14.12 to $15.10. 


Avista line crews do monitor and repair as needed; however, sometimes the watchful eyes of our neighbors find that a light is on the blink before crews do. When that happens, be sure to contact City Hall at 509-276-8802, and relay the pole number and location of the malfunctioning streetlight.

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