Battle of the Horns

Lines of people outside of the stadium were long. Deer Parkians flooded in with their gold and blue spirit gear, invading the visitor stands, only to be mirrored by the Riverside’s red and white, dominating  the home stands.

There has been a long and undeniable rivalry between Riverside and Deer Park school districts, that makes the yearly Battle of the Horns game on September the 27th a thrill for all who attend. This annual game never disappoints, and this year was no exception. 

Even with the rain pounding down pre-game, Riverside fans still showed up to the pre-game tailgate party. Free hot chocolate, a giant bonfire, and a great sense of community was felt as fans hoped for an epic, climactic game. The Riverside spirit was felt by all. 

The rains ceased, and the game began. The first quarter was a stalemate, two equally determined forces fighting against one another, neither able to overcome the other’s power. Deer Park proved to be a force to be reckoned with, as they scored a touchdown, gained the extra point, and kicked a field goal, taking a 10-0 lead at the end of the first half.  A mountain of Deer Park spirit was heard from the visitor stands.

Though the weather remained cold, half time went on, featuring a performance from the Riverside pep band, led by the talented Valerie Rux, performances from the Deer Park and Riverside cheerleaders, and of course an appearance from Riverside’s wacky mascot, Rambo the Ram. The players stormed the field yet again, and the game continued.

Third quarter began, and Riverside cut straight to the chase. Within scoring distance of the goal, and ready to taste the sweet taste of a touchdown, they were soon shattered when Deer Park blocked them and prevented them from scoring. Soon enough, however, there was a turnover by the Rams, followed by a touchdown with the extra point, bringing the score 10-7. Riverside showed their spirit by screaming with joy at the top of their lungs. The score was close, and tension was high. All through the  fourth quarter, the two teams battled. Though Riverside fought hard, Deer Park was the victor with a final score of 10-7. Deer Park had won yet another episode of The Battle of the Horns.

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