Angel Walk 5K

Cindy Winterton spoke at September’s Chamber of Commerce Luncheon about a 5K memorial walk for her daughter Nikki Winterton.  Nikki was diagnosed with spina bifida, and was wheelchair bound from the time she should have been able to walk. In January 2019, Nikki passed away; she was 16 years old.

The young lady participated in many 5Ks with her family, went to state with the Special Olympics swim team, and was learning to ride horses.  Mrs. Winterton said that her daughter was generous and active in giving back to her community. As a final act of benevolence, Nikki chose to donate her organs upon her death.

To honor Nikki’s life and magnanimous spirit, the Winterton family has organized the Angel Walk 5K. T-Shirts are also available for purchase.  All proceeds will go to the Nikki Winterton Memorial Scholarship fund. The scholarship is awarded to a student based on the merit of their character rather than academic achievement, and will be presented at the 2020 graduation ceremony. 

October 19th the walk will kick off from Perrin’s Field at 10am. For more information contact

Cindy Winterton: 

Save the date!

  • Saturday, October 19th
  • 10-11:30am
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