Post Office In Transition

Since August 19th, the Deer Park Post Office now offers home delivery service throughout most of Deer Park. This is just one of the differences Tyler Robinson is making as the new Postmaster.

Transitioning To Home Delivery

Deer Park residents often consider themselves to be part of a small town, but the town is gradually growing into a different size bracket, and some of the local services need to expand. 

The number of boxes available within the Post Office building has not changed substantially for years, and so this transition to home delivery should help alleviate some of the growing pains. Robinson said that “Many residents had been asking for street delivery for years, hopefully this will provide them with the highest possible level of service.” 

Transitioning To More Efficient Routes

Residents have complained for years about delivery times that stretch well past dinner time, and this was often caused by older routes having small changes made to them over time. Now Robinson has taken a fresh approach, and has redesigned many of the delivery routes.

In addition to making each route more efficient, Robinson also plans to hire three more carriers to add to his ability to deliver your mail quickly. Looking for work? Details on applying for a Rural Carrier Position are below.

Keeping Your Address

When asked about the ability of current customers to retain their boxes, Robinson responded reassuringly: “Customers may choose to keep and maintain their current PO Box as they desire.  PO Boxes are available at affordable rates should this be the preferred option of the customer.” However, the costs of installing your own mailbox may be lower in the long-run, since there is no annual fee for receiving home delivery. 

Installing Your Own Mailbox

There are a few things you need to know before installing your own mailbox to take advantage of the new delivery services.

  • Prior to installing boxes, the customers must have the approval of the local Postmaster to ensure that their proposed installation location meets national guidelines and is on a local route
    1. National guidelines can be found at
    2. Postmaster Robinson can be contacted at 509-276-1091
  • If you choose to build your own mailbox, you must write to the engineering department for guidelines and approval
    Engineering – US Postal Service
    8403 Lee Hwy
    Merrifield, VA 22082-8101
  • Don’t forget to check for utility lines by calling 811 at least two days before you dig
  • Having a sidewalk can prevent you from being eligible to receive home delivery 
  • Talk with your neighbors before you start digging, since where you place your new box might impact their driving or garbage pick-up habits

Sidewalks & Multi-Boxes

Living in a neighborhood with sidewalks is usually to your benefit, but if your block and the blocks around you are completely surrounded by sidewalks, you may not be able to get home delivery. “Currently we are recommending these residents place their receptacle on the nearest cross street that we serve that doesn’t have sidewalks,” Robinson said. “I intend to discuss options with the City shortly to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to the residents.”

One option for you to consider if you have a sidewalk blocking your delivery is to partner with your neighbors to install a multi-box. Robinson explained that “large centralized delivery units can be purchased and installed by residents, most likely through HOA or Neighborhood agreements.” He assured the Gazette that the postal employees “would be glad to serve the customers this way as well.”

Who Is Our New Postmaster?

Tyler Robinson is a father of seven who enjoys fishing, doing anything outdoors with his family, and working on projects around the house. 

He began his career in Olympia and Aberdeen as a mail carrier. After several years as a supervisor in the Centralia and Chehalis area, he took his first job as a postmaster just up the road in Newport.

Robinson says that he “takes a great sense of pride in providing the best possible service.” While he may not be able to  “identify a cause for any past issues”, says Robinson, “[I’ll] do my best to ensure that we’re providing top notch service to our community here. Employee safety and customer service are my highest priorities as your Postmaster. I would be happy to assist any customer with any delivery issues they are currently having if they would contact me at (509) 276-1091.”

Looking For Work?

The Post Office is hiring. Robinson declared that “we recommend anyone interested in applying for one of our Rural Carrier Associate positions apply. The jobs will posted at beginning Sept. 3rd and running for 6 weeks.”

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