Resort Under New Ownership

Shore Acres Resort has been the staple of many summer vacations and fishing adventures. Nestled on the shores of Loon Lake, the resort was founded in the mid 1940s.  Last October a new family began the process of taking over this well-established hideaway.

Katy Byrnes calls herself and her husband Jim “serial entrepreneurs.” They’ve started and run several businesses, but the acquisition and work on the Shore Acres Resort holds a special place in both of their hearts.

Family History

Both Jim and Katy have deep family ties and memories connected to the resort.

Jim’s father, Dave Byrnes, parked their family trailer at Shore Acres in 1972, and didn’t move it out until 2007. Young Jim and his siblings grew up on the  Loon Lake waterfront.

In 1946, Katy’s maternal grandparents eloped as 17 year olds.  Her grandfather’s uncle, who was responsible for placing the resort cabins, heard and invited them to stay on the porch of one of the cabins for their honeymoon.

Jim’s sister, Lizzie, who also grew up visiting Shore Acres, lost her life in a car accident on 395.  A memorial cross still marks the intersection. The Byrnes family misses Lizzie dearly, and firmly believe “[Lizzie] would have clapped her hands and done a happy dance to know that the resort is now a true part of her family.” In honor of their lost sister, the Laughing Loon Cafe at the resort will now be dubbed Lizzie’s Laughing Loon Cafe.

Something Old, Something New

The Byrnes family started to make plans and improvements on the resort last October, and in earnest early this spring.  They are starting with some much needed cleaning and maintenance: the buildings are getting a fresh paint job, the store has been scrubbed, and the wood oiled.  Katy Byrnes has been live on Facebook frequently to give interested parties updates on the progress.

While there will be some changes, and some modernizing will take place, such as access to wi-fi and online reservations, the Byrnes family also plans to keep much of the old fashioned feel alive.  The cabins will be cleaned but not necessarily updated, and the store will still offer a variety of penny candy.

The Cafe will also offer a simpler menu than it has in recent years. There will be a walk-up window where patrons can order burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

The Byrnes family has many hopes, dreams, and plans for the resort.  They are working hard to be ready for the summer rush, and are excited to serve the area.

The Grand Re-Opening

As they take the final steps to be ready for their summer season, the Byrnes family is also pushing to prepare for their Grand Re-Opening celebration June 1st.  With free hotdogs, live music, and free day use of the beach, there is fun to be had by all.

Additionally, the resort is holding a raffle, all the proceeds of which will go to the Loon Lake Food Bank. There will be many items donated by several different local businesses that will be raffled off. The Byrnes felt the need to demonstrate that they are here for the whole community and plan to give back.

Katy Byrnes said in a Facebook post, “We believe we were brought to Shore Acres Resort right now, right when we were meant to. We take great pride in being the owners and ambassadors of a place rich in history and a part of so many family memories.”

All are welcome and invited to come see the resort and join the celebration.  Have a free hotdog, buy a raffle ticket, or 20, and enjoy your community at the new Shore Acres Resort.

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