Miss Deer Park: A Million Dreams

The Miss Deer Park Scholarship Program 2019:  Where ten young ladies volunteered, and then were further challenged to show their best selves to their community.

As one might expect, the night was filled with shine and sparkle.  Princess tiaras, shimmering dresses, and bright, bright smiles. “Share your dreams with me,” their theme song said, and each girl did, with words, song, and dance.


Before Miss Deer Park and her princesses were announced, 7 additional $200 scholarships were awarded to a few of the deserving ladies.

Receiving a scholarship for Scholastic Achievement, as well as one for the Judges Interview was Kelsey Gillaspy.

Kristina Shupe was awarded Fitness and Creative & Performing Arts.

The Bill and Bette Cox Community Service Scholarship was given to Heatherly DeWitt

Presence & Composure was awarded to Alexis Tuman. Tuman also received the Spirit of Deer Park, which is an award agreed upon by her peers.

2019 Royalty

The program gradually drew to a close.  The scholarships were awarded, and all of the girls were lined up interlocking their pinky fingers.  

Abigail Waunch was declared the winner and Miss Deer Park for 2019; Brooke Begani and Kristina Shupe were chosen as the 2019 princesses.  

Their beautiful smiles and kind energy will be a joy to watch this year as they perform at parades and serve our community.  

Congratulations, ladies!

Now that the competition is over, 3 ladies begin a new adventure, but what of the other 7? To hear tell of it, all of these young women have risen to challenges and pushed the boundaries of their comfort zones. I believe that all of these girls will continue to represent Deer Park positively, with or without a crown.

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