Letter To The Editor – Re: Ken Campbell

I’m responding from a letter from Ken Campbell dated 1/29/19.

My wife and I live ½ mile from the 395 and Cleveland Road “death trap”. Our neighbor was killed there 2 years ago. I consider myself a highly mindful driver, but I’ve had a few close calls myself and have seen many others as well.

The Roundabouts “could be” an excellent solution, but as they stand, they might as well be lit up with signs announcing “Welcome to Deer Park Drag Strip!” I can’t speak for everyone driving every car, but I know that many of them can go from zero to 60 in 5 seconds… and they do. I CAN speak for myself when I say the roundabouts have zero effect on slowing down the traffic at Cleveland Road.

Is this all we get for our taxpayer money, a couple of spins on the carousel and a zone for blowing carbon off valves in-between? Bummer if so. Thankfully, there is a very simple solution: post the zone at 35 MPH.

And why shouldn’t we? Can you imagine driving 60 miles an hour through Colville or up Division Street in Spokane? Can we help it if the transportation department built a highway along our awesome little town? And would commuters throw a rod if it took them 60 seconds instead of 20 to get from one Roundy to the other? I doubt it. It certainly beats the alternative of waiting for EMT’s to extricate their impatient carcasses from bent and broken metal.

What say we all get involved and do what is necessary to change that speed limit which would make the Roundies worth our taxpayer dollars and really help save lives.

Randy and Sandy Bayley – Deer Park

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