Deck The Horses with Bows Of Holly

On a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon, brave horses and riders, along with a pony and cart ventured out of their warm and dry barn to go spread some holiday cheer in the town and neighborhoods of Loon Lake.

Legacy Farm and Stable has been sending out horse mounted carolers for 8 years now. The expedition has grown from just a handful of participants in the early days to over a dozen this Christmas season. Riders ranged from 7 years old to “senior citizen”. All of these brave souls were generous to ride through the murky day to bring a little Christmas spirit to their hometown.

The riders wisely wore several layers for warmth and rain protection, while their horses were decked out in festive garlands, twinkle lights, Santa hats, and reindeer antlers. A few of the younger horses struggled with the unfavorable conditions, as well as the newness of the experience. Walking in a large group along a busy road is a challenge even for some more experienced animals. Some of these green horses began to act out and were promptly sent home early for everyone’s safety.

The horse carolers rode through Loon Lake proper, singing to staff and patrons at a few of the local businesses, then went for a short stroll through some of the neighborhoods. However, due  to the cold and wet conditions Joyce Morgan, owner and trainer of the stables, called the event to an early end.

About The Stable

Legacy Farm and Stable (founded in 1997) has been teaching kids and adults riding and horsemanship. They prepare their riders for various kinds of competition and occasionally do trail rides.

They also work with the Hearts And Horses program that provides financial aid to those wishing to take lessons. Hearts And Horses will cover up to half of the costs involved; if more aid is required, subjects can work at the stables to cover further costs.

For more information go to or contact Legacy Farm and Stable

For more information about Hearts And Horses

The Legacy Farm and Stable Horse Caroler braving rain and ice to spread some holiday cheer
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