Taxes & Fireworks Meeting Date Changed

The City Council Meeting that was set to discuss a number of controversial changes to city ordinances has been moved to Monday, November 19th at 7pm.

The meeting had previously been changed from Wednesday to a Tuesday. As of writing this, the city website has not been updated and still shows the meeting on the 21st. Also, an agenda has not been published for the meeting. Previously planned for the agenda is an increase in property taxes, a ban on consumer fireworks, and there is also a possibility of new information about the contract with Spokane County Sheriff as it relates to the city budget.

City Councilman Richard Schut expressed his disappointment at the decision to change the date with such short notice. Schut said on Facebook, “I understand the Mayor’s reason behind changing the date, however, I disagree with his choice because the impact on residents is of far greater importance than one man’s schedule.”

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