New Taxes & Fireworks Ban

A property taxes increase and a ban on consumer fireworks will be on the agenda for the next Deer Park City Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday November 7th at 7pm. Input from just a few residents can have a large influence on the outcome of City Council decisions.

During a budget workshop on October 30th the Mayor Tim Verzal proposed an increase to property taxes. The reason for his recommendation is to cover the increasing costs of law enforcement provided by Spokane County Sheriff. In the past the law enforcement has cost the city approximately $488,000 per year. In 2020 it appears that cost will increase to $660,000 with a 3% each year after that.

Also on the agenda are two ordinances regarding consumer fireworks. One would completely ban consumer fireworks in the City of Deer Park. These fireworks are currently banned throughout Spokane County which leaves Deer Park as one of the few places which still allows for their sale and use on private property. The other ordinance would reduce the number of days that fireworks could be sold and set off.

This is a huge opportunity to let your voice be heard in your local government.  Attending local City Council meetings, and sharing your thoughts can have a great impact on the decisions made by your elected officials.

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