Five Forks Review: Lofty Skies & Brewed Streams

Coffee… coffee… coffee.

Coffee has been an integral part of the lives of many people for a long time. However, coffee, or espresso, has become its own special food group in the American  culture. In our area (the Pacific Northwest) coffee stands now outnumber the taverns in most small towns and communities. This relatively new industry has developed its own language… latte, macchiato, breve, toddy, barista, etc. However, it all comes down to the coffee.

Deer Park is like most small communities in that it has a half dozen coffee businesses. Some are strictly drive-up, while others are walk-ins with a variety of food items to enjoy with your coffee. One of these walk-ins is Lofty Skies. If you are a child of the 60’s, like me, you will instantly be taken back in history when you walk into Lofty Skies. Wood floors, aged mismatched easy chairs and couches, dim lighting…. the only thing missing is a musician strumming an acoustic guitar and singing old folk songs.

The interior provides a very comfortable ambiance where the patron is encouraged to relax, sipping some flavored coffee or tea. There a wide variety of stuffed seats, couches  as well as tables and chairs. Like many of the cafes today, Lofty Skies offers inhouse internet service. Because of this you will find the tables being used by people who are working on their computers (laptops, chromebooks) or cell phones. Contemporary music similar in style to the 60’s coffee houses plays nicely in the background. The walls display an eclectic diversity of wall hangings and pictures.

The baristas are upbeat and provide a personal service that creates a friendly neighborhood feel to the place. They are excellent at helping you choose a drink that will put a smile on your face along with a relaxed spirit. The environment of Lofty Skies calls you to relax and rest. A variety of baked goods may or may not cause you to stray from your self imposed diet. Your choice…no guilt will come with whatever you decide.

Lofty Skies is a comfortable, yet stylish coffee house where you and your friends can enjoy a quiet cup of coffee with a myriad of flavors available designed to tempt anyone’s taste buds, all the while de-stressing your soul.

I will give Lofty Skies a five fork rating and will probably use this place as a measuring rod as I evaluate the other coffee houses and stands in Deer Park. I would highly recommend that you visit Lofty Skies soon and enjoy a latte as you sit in an old stuffed chair. If that isn’t enough to entice you to try this place, I had a piece of homemade banana bread that came from heaven! But of course what would you expect of a place called “Lofty Skies”. Come with friends or come alone and make new friends.

Find them on Facebook and at 5 N Main St., Deer Park, Washington.

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