The Gaze Volume 1: An Anthology Of Local Talent

Did you ever feel like you had something to say, something to write, but never a place to put it? You want to share your thoughts, wisdom, or imagination with others, but never had a vessel? If you’ve had this desire, but never had the chance to take action, now could be your opportunity.

The Gaze Volume 1 will be a collection of fiction and non-fiction writings from our community. The book will be independently published by the Gazette team, and distributed in ebook as well as paperback formats.

Stories, essays, and articles can be submitted for a chance to be published, and available not just in the Spokane and Stevens county area, but world wide. Now is your chance to make your writings shine.

Non-fiction works should be centered around the local hometowns of Deer Park, Riverside, Clayton, Loon Lake, and Springdale. They can be historical in nature or about contemporary life; they can offer advice or be purely philosophical.

The Fiction titles will be a writing challenge. Write your tall tale in whatever genre you would like, but all the stories must include these 4 words:

  • Stairs
  • Colonel
  • Air
  • Bankroll

Stories should be roughly between 500-8,000 words. Poetry and Haiku may also be considered; maybe even some of our favorite six word stories.

The Deer Park Gazette Editorial Team will be selecting the best submissions for publication in the anthology.  We will have more information about submissions at a later date.

Check for updates and details on

Submit your complete and polished work to the editor for consideration.

[email protected]

Editor – Deer Park Gazette
PO Box 1581
Deer Park, WA 99006

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