Making A Sound Escape

The scene opens on July 25th at 3:30 pm. Those that have accepted the invitation enter the Green Room aka The Meeting Room in the Deer Park Library.  You find out that auditions for a singing competition are in session, but you have been locked in the pop green room by a dastardly rival. Can you solve the clues and beat the clock?  Using Morse code, music sheets, locks galore, books, posters, sign language, and musical instruments, you must flip a switch to turn on a light to win the game. However, you are not alone; you have a team to work with.

The kids that signed up went into the room together, then were given 30 minutes to figure out how to escape. Would they beat the clock? Working as a team they talked things out and worked hard, moving from one clue to another. They had to assign a recorder who would write down the team’s discoveries and answers.

Power of observation was crucial and needed by all. The organizers would occasionally take time to drop hints and educate the kids on how to solve problems as a team, using music, and history. There were some bumps along the way, with one girl asking “Who is Elvis?”

Some kids wanted to take short cuts. As the time ticked down, with only two minutes to go, one kid tried and failed to strongarm the locks to open the cage that held the light.  There were two groups that did this activity and the first was not able to escape the room, but the other was successful with mere seconds to spare. This is the first time the Deer Park Library has done an Escape Room but the district has done them all over Spokane.  I believe it was a wonderful experience for the kids, and they were able to learn how to pick team members for jobs, and how to observe their surroundings. I personally am hoping to see more of these events in the Deer Park area for our kids, and would like to thank the Deer Park Library for putting this on.  

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