New Deer Park Gazette Website

Hot off the presses, the new Deer Park Gazette website! The website will feature current local news articles covering a range of topics, from sports to business and more. Articles in the printed paper will occasionally contain a website address that will lead you to more information related to that article.  These will sometimes link to our own website, sometimes to other places on the web. The addresses will be shortened to make them easier to enter into your computer or phone’s internet browser. The addresses will be similar to this:  

Visit the website today to get your free digital subscription Sign up to get featured articles sent directly to your email inbox the moment they’re posted,  as well as a digital copy of the full Gazette delivered to your computer each month, no matter where you are.  

The website will also have a searchable and growing archive available so you can find articles from months past.  More features will be added as we go. Check back often to see what’s new!

There will be new advertising opportunities as well as a section for online classifieds and obituaries.

For more information about advertising opportunities contact [email protected]

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