Deer Park Concert

Arcadia and Middle School Concert

On March 13th,  the Ken Fisher Theater was buzzing with excitement as band members, family and friends filled the venue to near capacity. It was a chance for students enrolled in the Arcadia and Middle School band programs, to present their musical achievements thus far.

Cory Thompson directed the 5th and 8th grade bands. The 5th graders from Arcadia, who are first year band students, started out the evening. The 4 songs performed represented the foundational skills they have been working on throughout the year. It was apparent that the students and Mr. Thompson worked hard and have come a long way in a short time.

The 8th graders rounded out the night by playing 3 songs which exhibited their maturing musical abilities as well. The group may have been small but they had a big sound.

Taylor Belote directed the 6th, 7th, and 5th/6th grade collective. The 6th graders had fun with Shockwave, a fast-paced song that had us tapping our feet. The 7th graders went from a soothing ballad to a flute-featuring composition, and ended with a space-age song written by local composer Mark Williams. Each year the 5th and 6th graders come together and perform a collective work. They did not disappoint with Eagle Summit March, an upbeat tune which had nice moments of space to showcase the percussion versus woodwinds and brass.

Thank you to Mr. Belote and Mr. Thompson for their patience and perseverance while bringing music to our kids in Deer Park. Also, thank you to all the students for bringing us a night of entertainment. Keep on Jammin’!

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