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Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month: Deer Park Physical Therapy

Deer Park Physical Therapy is a staple of advanced health care in our area.  But many people don’t know the benefits and applications of Physical Therapy!  We took a moment with some of the providers at Deer Park Physical Therapy to ask a few questions many people have about physical therapy. Is Physical Therapy only for when I’m hurt? Dr. Andrew Roberts, PT, DPT, Dip. Osteopractic, FAAOMPT says: Physical Therapy can help you recover from injuries, but it can also help you prevent future injuries.  Most injuries happen because of a muscle imbalance – especially for student athletes or people

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Tech Tips: Clearing The Air Inside

Smoke from fires, pollen, dust, or pollution are hindering your air quality indoors. Check out these tips to keep your home free of bad air particles or at least as much as possible. Check Your Filters Most heating and cooling systems have some kind of filter system. Paper filters need to be replaced about once a month under normal conditions; with heavy smoke in the air, it will need to be done more frequently. The cleaner the filter is the better the air flows through the filter, which means more smoke is removed. Many window AC units, fans, heat pumps,

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Dr. Leah Kobes, Pioneer Family Medicine

Pioneer Family Medicine

Pioneer Family Medicine, private practice of Dr. Leah Kobes, is a small family medicine clinic just opening in Deer Park! Dr. Kobes and staff are thrilled to be able to serve our community.

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