Winner Christmas Coloring Contest, Adults Age Group

The Deer Park Gazette Christmas Coloring Contest for adults showcased a remarkable array of talent. The competition was fierce, but one artist emerged as the standout winner, while others earned well-deserved honorable mentions. Thank you to all of the sponsors for making this happen!

The adult competitors of the Christmas Coloring Contest demonstrated impressive skills in techniques such as blending and shading.  Two participants in the adult category earned honorable mentions for their outstanding contributions. These individuals displayed a high skill level, adding a dynamic and polished quality to their artwork.

The Deer Park Gazette commends all adult participants for their impressive skills and creativity in making the Christmas Coloring Contest a showcase of artistic flair. Congratulations to the winner and honorable mentions for their outstanding contributions to this festive celebration of artistry. None of this would have been possible without our wonderful local sponsors for this annual contest; please support them.

Sponsors & Prizes 

Gold Sponsors

  • Scott’s Family Tree Nursery
    $180 Credit toward purchase of anything (approximate value = medium sized shade 


Prize Sponsors


The winner of the adults age group for the Deer Park Gazette Christmas Coloring Contest 2023 is:

Tessa Rose R.

Tessa emerged as the adult competition winner, celebrated for her exceptional artistry, as the judges were captivated by her adept mastery of shading and the seamless blending of colors, which collectively imbued her work with a dynamic and visually captivating quality. We will be contacting the winner regarding their prizes after Christmas. 


Honorable Mention Gallery

Jennie H. received an honorable mention for her artwork, as the judges were particularly impressed by her adept use of line weight and shape, skillfully employed to create rich textures that added depth and dimension to the scene.

Ellie C. showcased her artistic ingenuity by employing markers with a silver sheen, ingeniously creating a magical snow-covered overlay that added an enchanting quality to her artwork.

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