Amazon Hub In Deer Park

You may have noticed a set of blue lockers that showed up next to the Chevron gas station on Deer Park’s Main Street. If you haven’t taken a closer look, they are an Amazon Hub for the delivery, pickup, and drop off of Amazon packages.

Who Can Use Them?

These lockers are for anyone who uses Amazon for their shopping needs. For residents, Deer Park has a somewhat notorious reputation for poor or delayed package delivery. Because of certain decisions in the past, many addresses in Deer Park are unvalidated, which means they are not always recognized by delivery services.

Because of this issue, some in the community have resorted to sending their packages to friends or family in order to receive their items.

How To 

These are more than big blue lockers; they are a secure, automated, self service kiosk.  Using the Hub system is easier than self checkout at any store.

  • Next time you order on Amazon, at the beginning of checkout, take note of the shipping options
    • You will have the option of your normal address or “Pick up from an Amazon Locker”.  From there you can choose whichever nearby locker is most convenient for you
  • Once you’ve picked your Hub location, continue checking out as normal
  • When it comes time to pick up your order, you will be given a bar code.  Print or bring the code on your mobile device
  • Scan the barcode at the Hub and a locker associated with your order will automatically open
  • If you have multiple packages you should have multiple codes as each package is placed in its own locker

Hours of accessibility vary for the lockers; check your shipping information to be sure of your pick up window. 

Also For Returns

The Lockers can also be used to return items to Amazon.  Follow return shipping instructions for details. 

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions, visit:

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