Christmas Bureau Goes Online

Families seeking help this Christmas season can turn to the Christmas Bureau this year as it has in years past, although, with a slightly different format. Families can only go online from now to November 6th to apply for benefits.

The Christmas Bureau provides holiday assistance to families in the Greater Spokane area. Approved applicants will receive one grocery voucher, a book for children 14 years and under, and a toy for children 17 years and under.  

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Christmas Bureau will be adapting to community social distancing requirements in the following ways:

​1.  Applications are now only online and there will be no longer applications taken at the fairgrounds this year.

2. Grocery vouchers will be mailed to all approved applicants.

  • Grocery Voucher: All approved families and individuals will receive a grocery voucher for $15 – $30 dollars, depending on the size of your home/family unit.  You must have a valid photo ID to use the grocery voucher at participating grocery stores.
    • For 1 person in the home you will receive $15
    • For 2 people in the home you will receive $20
    • For 3 people in the home you will receive $25
    • For 4 or more people in the home you will receive $30

3. Gifts for homes with children will be picked up in a socially distanced drive-thru at the Fairgrounds once approved.

They stress many times that you are not able to walk-up to the Christmas Bureau for assistance this year. The Fairgrounds will be closed to those who are not scheduled for gift pick up. Once you have completed an online application, their staff and volunteers will connect with you if they need additional documentation, and when you have been approved.

What You Need To Apply:

​When they process your application, it is important that they can verify these two things:

​1. Family composition (Who lives in your home/family unit)

2. Residency (Where the family unit physically lives)

For applicants who did not qualify for Christmas Bureau assistance in 2019, are NEW, OR if you have added members to your home since last year, you should be ready to provide the items or proof listed below:

  • ​Proof that applicant is parent/guardian of child:
    • Possible documents for Children 0-17: 
      • Document from school
      • Daycare, doctor’s office showing you are the guardian of said children
      • Insurance document listing your name and child’s name
      • Document from DSHS if enrolled in any state support or assistance
      • Insurance card if it lists applicant and child’s name
    • Children age 5 and under: 
      • A birth certificate or any of the above
  • Proof of physical address for applicant and/or any other adults in your family unit examples are:
    • Electricity bill
    • Utility bill
    • Centurylink or Comcast bill
    • Rental agreement, or mortgage statement

How To Select Toys:

If you have children in the home, you will need to review the toy catalog and rules of selection BEFORE starting your application. Toys are available for children birth – 17 years of age.  

Before you start shopping, please review the following information:

1. You can make 3 toy choices for each child in the home

2. Be aware of limits.  Drones and karaoke machines are limited to one per family. 

3. Selections may not be the exact item as pictured. Pictures of the items are a sampling of what is available. Colors and choices will vary. 

4. If you want to do further research or see more photos of the items they offer, they recommend you search the item on Google or Amazon to read reviews and details.

5. Please write down the following things when you have found the items you wish to order:

  • Toy Category
  • Item Number
  • Item Name

6. These toy choices are not guaranteed.  They will do their best to provide one of your three selections for each child.  However, if they run out of all three items before packaging your order, they will use the categories the selection fell under and their best judgment to select for your child.

7. There will be no exchanging once gifts are received.

8. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email with a summary of what you’ve submitted.

9. Changes cannot be made for toy choices once the application is submitted.

The toy catalog can be found at

How To Apply Online:

Submit application before November 6th at

NEW THIS YEAR – Use their Service Provider Verification Form at any local agency that can confirm your family composition.  If a third-party agency submits this form back to us, they can check it in conjunction with your application in order to expedite the approval.  Download the form at

If you have any questions or concerns contact:

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