Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month: Deer Park Physical Therapy

Deer Park Physical Therapy is a staple of advanced health care in our area.  But many people don’t know the benefits and applications of Physical Therapy!  We took a moment with some of the providers at Deer Park Physical Therapy to ask a few questions many people have about physical therapy.

Is Physical Therapy only for when I’m hurt?

Dr. Andrew Roberts, PT, DPT, Dip. Osteopractic, FAAOMPT says:

Physical Therapy can help you recover from injuries, but it can also help you prevent future injuries.  Most injuries happen because of a muscle imbalance – especially for student athletes or people who are training for a marathon or triathlon.  Doing proactive Physical Therapy along with your training can help correct these imbalances before they cause an injury.

Can Physical Therapy replace surgery?

Dr. Jared Descoteaux, PT, DPT, OSC

Recent studies have shown that in some cases, Physical Therapy can be more effective or just as effective as surgery. One of the more common surgeries performed is repair of a torn meniscus. One study found no significant differences between patients who underwent surgery versus those who did Physical Therapy. The main differences were cost and recovery time. Physical Therapy alone led to lower costs and quicker recovery time compared to surgery. If you are looking for a way to maximize your ability to move pain-free and avoid surgery, choose PT first.

What are the benefits of doing Physical Therapy in the pool?

Dr. Stephen Bender, PT, DPT says:

Aquatic Therapy allows painful joints to be moved with less compressive forces due to our natural buoyancy in water. This in turn helps tight and sore muscles relax and stretch out, making us less painful and stiff. Our aquatic therapy pool is unique in that it provides a warm water environment that is naturally conducive to pain relief and relaxation for arthritic populations.

What is something that might surprise me about Physical Therapy?

Dr. Dan Roberts, PT, DPT says:

You can choose where you receive your rehab.  Even if your doctor or surgeon refers you to someone else, you can bring your referral to Deer Park Physical Therapy and be seen here.

What payment methods are available for Physical Therapy?

Most insurances are accepted. A cash treatment plan is available for patients with high out of pocket or limited physical therapy plans. Cash allows much faster access to therapy and does not require a physician order.

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