5Q: Local Business Through Crisis

Running your own business is hard enough when times are “normal”, but throw in a worldwide pandemic and social turmoil and we have a recipe for real hardship.

The Deer Park Gazette wants to hear from you, business owners in the Deer Park area (Loon Lake, Clayton, Riverside, and Springdale too).

How is your business doing? Have you been able to weather this storm?  As a community, we want to support our local businesses and help our economy thrive, especially during tough times.

Please answer these 5 questions (keep responses to 100 words or less per question):


Please also include your business’s name and location.

Send answers to the Gazette by the 30th of August.

  • Email: [email protected] (or via the form above)
  • Mail: Deer Park Gazette, PO Box 1581, Deer Park, WA 99006
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