In Loving Memory of Tony Dinatale

IN LOVING MEMORY OF TONY DINATALE who passed away on February 16, 2020. He was born on November 29, 1940 in San Jose, CA to Mike and Mary Dinatale.

Tony as a teenager loved tools and liked to tinker on things out in his garage. He was always up to a challenge to get something to run again or invent something better or new.

Tony worked at Lockheed Martin Corp. in CA for 11 years making antennas and receivers as well as researching electromagnet transmitters. He even came up with an idea that helped make an antenna that worked perfectly in space and received an accommodation from the General Manager for saving them millions of dollars on the project.

He moved to Spokane in the early 70s and started a business installing security video cameras until he went to work for the U.S. Bureau of Mines as an electronic technician for 20 years. He developed an antenna system, which he installed and maintained in remote areas where the geologists and mining engineers were working so they were able to have communications. When the Bureau closed he worked for NIOSH (National Institute for Safety and Health) until he finally retired in 1999.

He never remained idle. He spent the remaining 21 years of his life with his life partner Peggy in Deer Park building a cabin for the B&B business, which later evolved into a wedding business for the last 15 years. Among several other projects, he built the pavilion, with the help of some friends, which was used for the wedding receptions and also a gazebo used for the ceremonies. He enjoyed meeting all the guests and many became friends.

He also enjoyed playing poker and restoring old cars to original condition. His first one was a 1931 Chrysler and the last was a 1926 Chrysler Roadster which he entered in several car shows where he either won Peoples Choice or Best of Show each time. In his machine shop he also developed a staple puller tool, a universal gate latch and a tool used in doctor’s offices. He was always busy repairing, rebuilding or machining parts for people’s equipment as well as his own.

Tony was preceded in death by his parents, Mike and Mary Dinatale, his niece Kathie Spano-List and his son Michael. He is survived by his partner Peggy Beckmeyer, his two daughters, Janet Dinatale and Krista Dinatale-Storlie and his sister Roz Dinatale.

In memory of Tony, charitable donations are being accepted in his name at Hospice of Spokane, PO Box 2215, Spokane, WA 99210

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