Deer Park Rotary April Students of the Month

Peyton Colville – Deer Park High School

Peyton and his mother, Wendy, were present at the Rotary Club meeting. He proudly spoke of their remodeled baseball field with a permanent fence.  His position on the team is 1st base.  Their baseball team isn’t off to the best start but he is hoping it will change!  A large group of students put in over 100 hours in improving the mound and the entire field! Peyton is on the Archery “Shoot” team and is 10th in the entire state of Washington. He hopes to pursue a career in Civil Engineering, and is looking into WSU or UW to continue.  His favorite subject in school is Mathematics.

Michael Zanoni – Riverside High School

Michael loves to lift weights!  He is a very athletic young man who is the youngest of six kids.  From the age of 2, his dad has raised his siblings and him in the Spokane area.  Michael repeated several times that “Competition with yourself is by pushing yourself.” Michael’s life changed dramatically a few years back at a church camp when he gave his life to Christ.  Afterward, his academics played a very important role, and he was able to get himself into the honor classes.  He loves sports and has been involved with basketball, and is currently involved in football & track. His overall GPA is at 3.8, and his interests are in biology, chemistry, and physics.  He wants to major in Math and become a high school teacher, coach, and continue his ministries. He is looking at Pacific Lutheran University and Whitworth University for his studies.

Dustin Cates – Mary Walker High School

Dustin is a 3-Sport athlete but is most experienced in track.  He is on the football team as well. He is interested in Pacific Lutheran University, Forrest Grove College, and Knox College for his continued studies.  Dustin is applying for football and track scholarship opportunities. He had to scoot out of the meeting early in time to get to his next track meet in Freeman, then onto Mead in a few days.  He wants to go into Aerospace Engineering.

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