Six Word Story: April 2019

Each month’s prompt will be in the newspaper and on Facebook.  Our favorite stories will be published the following month. Responses will be judged on creativity and the ability to communicate a story. Submit your six-word story by the 25th of each month.

Our last prompt was “April Fools”. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Why has my stomach been growing? – Elizabeth S.
  • Fell for plastic wrap on toilet. – Zachariah P.
  • School’s canceled, sleep again… April fools!! – Maxine W.
  • We fools get a whole day! – Tristan C.
  • New printer: realistic Zags quarterfinal tickets! – Varleriy H.
  • Won lottery! Birthday check: 1 million. – Shelia M.
  • Pinches and pranks, the day’s over – Gerrit C.
  • That old fool got me again! – Zach U.

For this month’s prompt, write a six-word story about: Mud Season. Submit your six-word stories:

  • On our Facebook page
  • By email to [email protected]
  • By mail
    • Six Word Stories – Deer Park Gazette
    • PO Box 1581
    • Deer Park, WA 99006
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