Local Talent: Sonya Kassen, Photographer

Sonya Kassen has been in love with photography for as long as she can remember. The fascination with being able to freeze moments and capture memories has been part of her life since she was a child.

Mrs. Kassen doesn’t remember what model her first camera was, as she was only 6 or 7 years old, but ever since she had one in her hands she would photograph life as it happened: family, friends, pets, trips, and vacations. Her love was to freeze moments that she could then literally look back on.

She later turned her passion into two photography businesses. Wobble Monkey Photography is for capturing some of life’s most important and memorable moments. Weddings, pregnancy and infants, family portraits, and senior photos. All of your life’s steps and stages are captured in a fun and unique atmosphere.

Serene Essence Photography is the “sister company” to Wobble Monkey, and was created in honor of Mrs. Kassen’s sister Evie, who passed away earlier this year. Serene Essence is centered around the more artistic photography, such as landscapes, macros, mixed media, as well as modeling and commercial advertisement creations. The Deer Park Gazette has featured several of Mrs. Kassen’s photos, credited as Serene Essence Photography.

Additionally, Mrs. Kassen offers modeling 101 classes, where she takes new models or actors and going beyond simply teaching them how to pose, teaches them everything from lighting and angles to emotional control and display. She has been active in the modeling and acting industry for about 7 years, and keeps up to date on the latest demands and standards of the industry. The 101 class also includes photo shoots to help the starting models create their portfolio and learn how to line up a gig.

Mrs. Kassen is inspired by images, objects, colors, and details. Some things just cry out to be captured on film. She admits that she tends to get quiet while she has the camera in her hands. Her mind goes 100% into capturing her subject and the light in the very best way possible.

To contact Sonya Kassen about photography or 101 classes:

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