January’s Students of the Month

Emmy Moore and Niah Gray

Niah Gray of Mary Walker High School was described as optimistic, bright and fun.  She is 17, a senior with a 4.0 GPA and 3.7 GPA overall. Her mother works at the school and her grandmother is the art teacher there.  Niah is inspired to learn more when being introduced to a new subject. She loves Senior Government, Psychology, and finds politics intriguing.  She serves as class treasurer, is in drama, a member of the volleyball team, and said her passion is softball. As a member of the girl’s softball team, she has gone to state twice.  Due to a cutback in funds at her school, she is spearheading a recycling and composting program that will help the volunteer custodian in keeping the school and grounds clean. Niah would like to see more clubs and activities at Mary Walker with everyone involved. She would like to attend the University of Washington after high school.

Deer Park’s Emmy Moore was born in Texas, moved here when she was 4 and is a 12 year student in the Deer Park schools. Her father works for the Border Patrol, her mother works at the library and she has 3 siblings, one older and two younger.  She is a member of Key Club, played soccer in Club Sports and works at the Union Gospel Mission. Emmy has been a member of the Lady Stag’s Soccer Team since her freshman year. The team finished with a 12 & 0 this season and will, again, be heading to state where they were in the Elite Eight last year.  Emmy has received an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Idaho. She is undecided what direction she will go in the future but is looking at the medical field or business.

Sarah Balogh


John McCoy, RHS Principal, described Sarah Balogh as a quiet superstar who always seems to be present in every AP class he visits.  Sarah is a 12 year student at Riverside and very active in school and church. She serves as the Honor Society treasurer and her favorite class is English.  Sarah’s goal is to become a teacher, and be able to influence students as her teachers have with her. She values education as a way to encourage and help people gain knowledge of other cultures and the ability to communicate.  She has always had a fascination with Japan and hopes to one day go there and teach. Sarah plans on going to BYU after high school.

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