Chamber Business of the Month: Ed Broberg Photography

“I get asked what I like to photograph the most… my reply is everything!” – Ed Broberg.

Growing up in Walla Walla, Washington, Ed Broberg was a lover of the outdoors. He took part in many sports including, football, baseball, track, and golf, just to name a few. His three favorite sports became tennis, sailboat racing, and ski racing. Yet this love of the outdoors translated itself in other ways than physical activities. Broberg was drawn to the visuals he was met with on a daily basis. Surrounded by the Blue Mountains, the texture of the golden wheat fields, he wanted to share these stunning vistas with others, and photography would become a means to do just that. When he wasn’t playing sports, Ed Broberg was carrying his camera.

Broberg has always desired to bring the outside indoors for others to enjoy. “I feel as humans we take our planet and our lives for granted and I like to share what I see in hopes that people might look at something a different way.” Locations such as San Francisco, Maine, and the Palouse have always sparked Broberg’s creativity, as well as providing incredible opportunities to capture landscapes, city streets, fashion, sports, and portraits of people and animals.

Broberg loves to utilize light, color, and composition to attract the eye, and encompass the viewer to draw them in. He says that the greatest reward of photography is the opportunity to share what he sees with people, in hopes they look at the world in a different way.

Currently, Ed Broberg Photography’s work can be found in many of the local newspapers, including the Deer Park Gazette. Broberg often has a front row seat to university and professional sports, as well as open access to life in general. From racing on a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay, to spending three months on a private yacht cruising Alaska, photography has been his passport. “I think the other big reason I like to photograph is curiosity.” said Broberg. Photojournalism and commercial photography jobs have fed his artistic soul over the decades, and continue to do so.

Ed Broberg has also always been heavily involved in the communities he lives in. “It is my way of giving back to the community,” Broberg says. He has been an active member on the board of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, as well as being active in the Chewelah Arts Guild, and chairing their branding committee.

November 7th Ed Broberg taught a cell phone photography course at the Chewelah Library. He states that his goal is to get attendees hooked on the visual arts. He hopes to hold a similar class in the Deer Park area soon.

Ed Broberg Photography covers all the bases from artistic to commercial photography needs. Locations, people, and animals have all been subject to this very talented lens.

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