Letter To The Editor: Bus

Welcome back to a new and exciting school year: 2018-19!  

Deer Park School District transports approximately 1100 students each day. We have 27 bus routes that travel about 263,000 miles per year, delivering our students to Deer Park Schools!

Providing safe school bus transportation services for the Deer Park community is the core of what we do. The timely and safe delivery of students to and from school is a huge responsibility that requires the teamwork of many people. Bus drivers, mechanics, special needs bus monitors, an assistant supervisor, and the transportation supervisor act as a team to accomplish safe transportation for all students every day.

Buses are inspected prior to leaving the transportation facility each day to insure that all mechanical and safety systems operate properly. In addition, regular preventative maintenance keeps the fleet in top condition. The Washington State Patrol inspects the entire fleet each summer, and they also arrive unannounced during the winter and randomly inspect 25% of the fleet. Every bus driver in Deer Park is thoroughly trained, and attends annual in-service classes to keep up to date with safety awareness. Each of our drivers hold commercial driver licenses and are subject to Washington State Patrol and FBI background checks. We transport thousands of children each and every day, and we’re proud of the efficiency and professionalism evident in our work.

Thank you for working with us to help ensure the safety of our students each and every day. Please don’t hesitate to use the contact information to call or email with your questions!

Don’t forget to check out www.dpsd.org for more school information.


Do you have an excellent driving record?
Looking for part-time work?

We’re frequently looking for people to join our team of DPSD drivers. We’ll work with you and provide your training and certifications costs!

If you’re interested, please give Sonja Rosenthal a call at 464-5530.

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