Get Your Ride On

Fun, Fitness, Family, and Friends! That is what the collaboration of Bicycles by Deron and Deer Park Physical Therapy have hoped to accomplish with the weekly and moonlight community bike rides.

Tuesday Night Rides

Every Tuesday night, weather permitting, you are invited to join this group of friendly bike enthusiasts. There are 2 routes offered: one is a “soft pedal”, which is perfect for those just out for a leisurely ride, and the second group goes on a more strenuous trek which requires a bit more ability and endurance. To join in these weekly rides, pedal on down to Bicycles By Deron, located at 5 S Main Street; please arrive by 5:45pm so everyone is ready to take off by 6pm.

Moonlight Rides

It all started one chilly night in January, 2018. The air was still and seemed to rob a person of breath, as it was a mere 12 degrees outside. Little pavement was to be found as a group of brave cyclists set out to face the frigid night. Could they do it? Would it be worth it? These are the questions they asked themselves as they set off down the road  to be guided only by the light of the full moon.

After a short ride around the H street roundabout, they made their way to the Pickett Fence for some hot cocoa and friendly fellowship. It was on that bright, wintery night a new Deer Park tradition was born.

If you would like to join this group of adventurous Deer Parkians for a bit of evening excitement, follow Bicycles By Deron on Facebook and watch for the monthly announcement. You can also get information about the rides by calling 509-821-0756 between 10am-6pm. The next moonlight ride is scheduled to be the Harvest Moon Ride on September 24th; specific time to be announced.

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