Athletic Trainers Contracted At High School

Deer Park High School (DPHS) has teamed up with Deer Park Physical Therapy (DPPT) in providing Athletic Training services, in conjunction with the DPHS Coaching Staff, to all student athletes.

While DPPT staff have volunteered for many years at DPHS, this is the first time DPPT has had athletic trainers with whom the district could contract.

DPPT has two Certified Athletic Trainers — Sean Bernier and Brendon Judd — who have Master’s Degrees in Athletic Training and are qualified to work with student-athletes, both preventatively and to assist with triaging injuries during games.

They provide specialized care and assistance in:

  • Concussion evaluations
  • Orthopedic evaluations for musculoskeletal injuries
  • Emergency medical care
  • General medical care (skin conditions, wound care, cardiovascular assessments, etc.)
  • Prophylactic taping

Judd, the main athletic trainer working at DPHS, was hired in Fall 2021 and has been working hard to develop the program.

DPHS basketball coach Chad Hand shared “I have been the boys basketball head coach at Deer Park High School for 10 years. This year, our district has provided our teams with a certified athletic trainer, Brendon Judd, to help our athletes. Brendon has been a huge help to our program, the players, as well as the coaches. After having Brendon here, I am not sure how we could do without again.”

Bernier, who has worked at DPPT for nearly 10 years, is the wellness coordinator and supervisor for the athletic training program.

“A lot of schools have athletic trainers that are full time,” Bernier said. “It is really great that Deer Park School District has stepped up to have an athletic trainer at every high school game.”

DPPT, which first opened in 1981, has grown to a comprehensive wellness center with multiple facilities including Physical Therapy, a Fitness and Aquatic Center, and The Gym.

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