Free Fall Citizens Academy

This is your opportunity to learn about the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. Ask questions, interact with deputies, detectives and members of specialty units, including K9, Air 1, SWAT, Marine Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and others.

Learn the reality of the job from the deputies who serve you each and every day.  Find out how their work differs from the Hollywood and TV stories.

Citizens Academy Classes are held at the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Training Center, located at 6011 N. Chase Road, Newman Lake, WA, every Monday from October 1st to November 19th (total of 8 classes) 6pm-9pm.

To Register:

Contact Deputy David Morris at 509-477-6044 or send him an email at [email protected].

The class is free, but sign up is required. Class size is limited, so sign up now.  For the security of all attendees, a background check will be completed on all applicants.

Due to limited seating, please do not register unless you plan to attend a minimum of at least 7 of the 8 classes.

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