Brad Manke’s letter regarding his campaign and promises

Dear Editor:

With campaign season in full swing, I have painfully learned one thing first hand. Politics are ugly.  Not just in my race for Stevens County Sheriff, but in most races. What is very difficult for me to comprehend is the fact that some people can’t abstain from telling lies, spreading rumors, and perpetuating falsehoods just to forward an agenda.  In some cases, people are even being exploited into doing this unknowingly. Letters to the editor where people are fed information by a candidate instead of coming from first hand knowledge are a great example.

I would urge people to do their research, listen to both sides, and if there are questions reach out to the candidates themselves. If one refuses to talk or answer questions, that should help make your decisions easier.  Mostly I would urge people to just be nice to each other. Our world is ugly enough to add political mudslinging and personal attacks into the mix.

As far as my own campaign goes, I will not make promises I can’t keep.  I will however promise the following: If I am elected Sheriff I will not “retaliate” against employees who have voiced support for my opponent. We are all on the same team, and it is imperative we work together as one to serve our public. I will work to heal relationships on all fronts damaged by politics, and I will strive to ensure the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office provides the best service to the community as possible.

Brade Manke

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