Deer Park Yard Sale – Another Year in the Books

Whether hunting for treasures is a hobby, part of a business, or just a fun day out with friends, the Deer Park Yard Sale event attracts people from our own neighborhood, outlying communities, Idaho, and even Canada. This year’s Deer Park Yard Sale weekend was August 3rd through August 5th. With the high temperatures, some of the yard sales within the city limits were cancelled this year, but there was a record number of yard sales just outside the city limits to offset those cancellations.

This year, the map distribution location was moved to Lofty Skies & Brewed Streams. It is anticipated that it will take another year for people to get used to this new location as a number of people attempted to pick up a map at the old location before traveling to Lofty Skies. A big thank you to this local business for the great help with this event.

As with most community events, our Deer Park Yard Sale weekend is directly impacted by the number of volunteers and the sponsor group. Volunteers are needed each year to help hang posters and get the banners up before the event, and then collect them after the event. Sponsors help to cover the costs for printing posters and placing ads promoting the event. Having the Deer Park Gazette as a sponsor was a definite help this year, and it is anticipated  that it will help make a bigger impact in future years. TRECpro, a locally-owned family business, and another sponsor of the Deer Park Yard Sale, is in the process of building a new website for the event.

Deer Park Yard Sale hopes to have an in-town location for those who live too far outside the city limits to successfully participate in the event, and for those who are unable to participate for lack of yard space (apartment tenants and those with small yards for example). Perhaps this could even add a swapmeet feel to the event and expand the community participation.

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