Clayton Farmer’s Market

Driving on 395 between Deer Park and Clayton on a Sunday afternoon, you’ve probably seen the sign for the Clayton Farmers Market at the Clayton Fairgrounds. If you have never stopped to see what it’s about, you’re missing out on an opportunity to peruse a variety of wares from local artists and farmers from the Tri-County area. This in itself is what makes the Clayton Farmers Market different than others in our area; everything sold must be locally grown, locally made, or locally raised.

From beekeepers and soap makers to woodworkers and farmers, the market showcases an average of 24 vendors each week. The vendors fees are kept low to entice the same vendors to come back week after week, making sure you can get your favorite products regularly. Approximately 85% of the vendor fees charged go right back into the Clayton Fairground. Because of this, the vendors have become a family of sorts, looking out for each other and supporting our community.

The Farmers Market usually kicks off with a plant sale in May and goes until late September, running each Sunday from 12:00-4:00pm with a break for the Clayton Community Fair. They provide free lemonade, coffee and cookies, and usually have a food vendor in case you show up hungry. You can shop and eat, all while listening to live music and basking in the family atmosphere.

When you do decide to visit the Clayton Farmers Market, make sure to grab some cash first—since many of the vendors are local families, only a few take debit and credit cards. You may have to stop at an ATM, but it will be worth it when you see everything the vendors have to offer.

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