Fire CenturyLink

I have had CenturyLink as a phone and internet provider for years. I was finally able to drop the phone ‘service’ that CenturyLink ‘provided’ at $60 per month including all of their junk fees and junk taxes. I now pay a VOIP company $5.41 a month that includes all of the junk fees and junk taxes. I am still stuck with CenturyLink’s internet ‘service’ as they are the only monopoly in town. Every time I update or ‘upgrade’ my internet ‘service’ with CenturyLink, I have problems. Problems with the installation, problems with the billing, problems with their customer no-service. The problems go on and on. After a year of relatively fewer problems, I just ‘upgraded’ to their ‘high-speed’ internet service and was immediately hit with problems yet again. Problems with non answers from their customer no-service to different answers every time I called them for ‘service’ and got passed from department to department. I won’t even go into the rumors I’ve heard of CenturyLink overselling their ‘high-speed’ internet by 190% and then throttling everyone down to half the speed they advertise. Sheesh!
I’m sick and tired of the monopoly that doesn’t care about their customer. I’m sick and tired of calling India when I have a problem. I’m sick and tired of billing problems, I’m sick and tired of CenturyLink.
Help us fire the monopoly and bring a local service that provides a quality, reliable service to the same community they live in.

Dave H

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