What is NEWHS Up To?

Are you in the know? In the know about what the North Eastern Washington Humane Society (NEWHS) is doing in the county? What can NEWHS be doing without a facility?

Even without that much-needed shelter for housing animals, NEWHS is meeting several of its goals and impacting Stevens County with their services. 

For the past three years, NEWHS has offered low cost spays/neuters for dogs to all Stevens County residents. Transportation is also provided free of charge to those who need it, through volunteer driver, Secretary-Treasurer Becky Washington. Over 350 dogs have been sterilized through this program! Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all appointments have been cancelled, but soon this service will be offered again! Call 509-563-4040 for an appointment. 

Each May, NEWHS has had a low-cost vaccination clinic in Chewelah at Pet Lovers’ Day. This will probably be offered in August this year. Also, the Stevens County Sheriff Department has used the resources of NEWHS to assist with animal seizure, surrender, and impounding. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, NEWHS assisted law enforcement with transportation, care and boarding of dogs and various farm animals. As recently as last October, NEWHS took custody of 12 owner surrendered dogs and 5 seized dogs, all resulting from law enforcement activities. 

NEWHS would like to do even more in the community, but struggles with limited volunteers.  THEY NEED YOU! If you are interested in helping, come to the next meeting, hopefully in June.  Also, having an actual brick and mortar shelter for Southern Stevens County is still a goal of NEWHS.  Any leads on properties or donations would help with this. If you have questions regarding NEWHS activities, please contact President Debbie Harbin @ 509-690-0664, or Secretary Becky Washington @ 509-990-7860.  Stalk us on Facebook or look at our website, www.newhumane.org.

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