Clayton Fair Results

Queen Kaili LeVasseur and Princess Lizzy Addison

Clayton saw another great fair this year. Many came to show their livestock and creative crafts, others came just to take in all the sights, sounds, and smells that accompany a good old fashioned fair experience.

Also at the event, fairgoers bid a huge thanks and farewell to former Queen Harriet and her princess Maddi; at the same time they issued a cheerful welcome to the newly crowned royalty: Queen Kaili LeVasseur and Princess Lizzy Addison.

2020 Royalty

Queen Kaili LeVasseur

Princess Lizzy Addison



Overall Fitting & Showing 

 Grand Champion: Ryan Porter

 Reserve Champion: Robyn Porter



Overall Fitting & Showing

 Grand Champion: Kayden Coleman

Market Steer

 Grand Champion: Kayden Coleman



Fitting & Showing Champion Class

 Grand Champion: Parker Blais

 Reserve Champion: Tessa McNitt



Fitting & Showing

 Junior Grand Champion: Haley Baker

 Junior Reserve Champ: Gracie McNamee

 Intermediate Grand Champ: Regan Reedy

 Intermediate Reserve Champ: Lizzy Addison

 Senior Grand Champion: Jazmyn Wentland

 Senior Reserve Champ: Taylor Tillman

 FFA Grand Champion: Ainsley Carpenter

 FFA Reserve Champ: Molly Keller

Overall Fitting & Showing

 Champion: Regan Reedy

Market Class

 Grand Champion: Jeshua Dimmick

 Reserve Champion: Levi Bouldin



Fitting & Showing

 Junior Grand: Ashlynn Blankinship

 Junior Reserve: Porter Whitmore

 Inter Grand: Kaili Levasseur

 Inter Reserve: Sadie Fouts

 Senior Grand: Maddilynn Stehlar

 Senior Reserve: David Stehlar

 FFA Grand: Ethan Earley

 FFA Reserve: Gannon Cotter

Overall Fitting & Showing

 Champion: Maddilynn Stehlar

Market Class

 Grand Champion: Porter Whitmore

 Reserve Champ: Ashlynn Blankinship


Dairy Goats

Overall Fitting & Showing 

 Grand: Olya Libenow

 Reserve: Reagan Starks


Market Goats

Overall Fitting & Showing

 Grand: Matthew Miller

 Reserve: Emma Wilson

Market Class

 Grand Champion: Olya Libenow



Overall Fitting & Showing

 Grand Champion: Ainsley Carpenter

 Reserve Champion: Olya Libenow



Overall Fitting & Showing

 Grand Champion: Aiden Honshiko

 Reserve Champion: Kip Pagac



Overall Fitting & Showing

 Grand Champion: Alyssa Starkey

 Reserve Champion: Wyatt Langlois



Overall Fitting & Showing

 Grand Champion: Aaron Simon

 Reserve Champ: Bridget St Amand


Pocket Pets

Grand Champions: Keelynn Curtis, Logan Simon, Jasper Marsh

Reserve Champions: Valerie Himlie, Lillian Daniels


2019 Cash Awards Floral/Veggies

North Country Garden Club Cash Winners

Buddy Bouquet: Alexandria Gustafson & Family __________$20

Best Youth Buddy Bouquet  Alexandria Gustafson & Family ___$10   

Best Marigold Bouquet, Youth: Nehemiah Nokes __________$5

Best Overall Arrangement: Leah Johnson _________________$5

Best Bouquet Youth: Alexandria Gustafson _______________$5

Most Unusual Veggie, Youth: Emma Thomas _______________$5

Best Tomato Entry, Adult: Kim Ferrell ____________________$5

Best Tomato Entry, Youth: Alexandria Gustafson ___________$5

Largest Beet, All Youth: John Neumiller ___________________ $5

Largest Zucchini Adult: Kim Ferrell ________________________ $5

Largest Zucchini Youth: Alexandria Gustafson ______________ $5

Etched Squash: Emma Thomas ________________________ $5

Sunflower Seedhead Adult: Roberta Fuge _____________ $5

Sunflower Seedhead Youth: Emma Thomas  ____________ $5

Best Homegrown Rose Bouquet: Loon Lake Special, Leah Johnson ___ $5

Best Poster, Floral: Robyn Porter _______________ $5

Best Poster, Horticulture/Agriculture: Haley Ogle ___________ $5


Bi-Mart Awards

Bi-Mart Award: Plants on Wheels: Jan Strong ____ $20 Gift card

  Jan also won Peoples’ Choice for her “Flower Bed”

Bi-Mart Award: Floral: Nokes Family ___________ $20 Gift card

Bi-Mart Award: Veggies : Kim Ferrell ___________ $20 Gift card


2019 Floral Winners

FFA Grand Champion: Gannon Cotter

4H Grand Champions: Alexandria Gustafson

Open Youth Grand Champion: Nehemiah Nokes

Adult Grand Champion: Leah Johnson

Adult Reserve Champion: Sandi Nokes


Fruits and Vegetables Special Ribbons

Superintendents Award: Leah Johnson

Best New Youth: Haley Ogle

Best New Youth: Clayton Pintler for Pumpkin

Outstanding New Exhibitor, Adult Veg: Marie Layman

Outstanding Youth Exhibit: Emma Thomas for Swiss Chard


2019 Veggies/Fruit Winners

FFA Grand Champion: Gannon Cotter

Open Youth Grand Champion (Fruit): James Peterson

Open Youth Grand Champion (Veggies): Emma Thomas

Open Youth Reserve Champion (Veggies): Nehemiah Nokes

4H Grand Champion (Fruit): Kip Pagac

4H Grand Champion (Veggies): Margaret St. Amand

4H Reserve Champion (Veggies): Alexandria Gustafson

Adult Grand Champion (Fruit): Kim Ferrell

Adult Reserve Champion (Fruit): Wynona Yarber

Adult Grand Champion (Veggies): Roberta Fuge

Adult Reserve Champion (Veggies): Kim Ferrell


2019 People Feature Winners

Age 6 & Under Grand Champion: EllaLee White


2019 Creature Feature Winners

Age 6 and Under: Grand Champion: Abby Lafley

Reserve Champion: EllaLee White

Age 7-12 Grand Champion and Peoples’ Choice Winner: Gunner Breckner  

Reserve Champion: Ellie Nelson

Age 13 & Older Grand Champion: Christiana Loos


Clothing & Textiles

Lois Major Youth Award 

 Matilda Bates, Knitted Owl

Peoples’ Choice / BiMart Award

 Alex Gustafson, Black & Gold Dress

 Beverly Allen, Blue Shawl

 Twila Prociw, World Quilt



Washington Wheat Growers Award

 Noelle Glaeser

 Hannah Miller

Quick Bread Grand Champions

 Matilda Bates

 Clayton Pintler

Decorated Cake

 Grand: Alexandria Gustafson

 Reserve: Emma Haney


 Grand: Heidi Neumiller

 Reserve: Haley Neumiller

Bar Cookies 

 BiMart Award: Olya Libenow


 Grand: Colbie Glaeser

 Reserve: Katie Nelson

Funny Face

 Grand: Margaret St Amand

 Reserve: John Neumiller

Chocolate Extravaganza

 Grand: Jan Strong

 Reserve: Colbie Glaeser

 Special Award: Margaret St Amand

Fair Theme Cake

 Intermediate Grand: Emma Evers

 Intermediate Reserve: Sadie Fouts

 Novice Grand: Ellalee White

Apple Pie

 Grand: Gunner Breckner

 Reserve: Kim Ferrell

Ice Cream Freeze Off

 1st place: Molly Keller

 2nd place: Eric Keller

 3rd place: Grace Glaeser


Art & Photo


 Open Youth Grand & BiMart Award: Clayton Pintler

 Open Youth Reserve: Devyn Pintler

 4H Youth Grand: Haley Neumiller

 4H Youth Reserve: Haley Neumiller

 Adult Grand: Kim Ferrell

 Adult Reserve: Jenise Miller

Color Photo

 Open Youth Grand: Samantha Fausti

 Open Youth Reserve & Bimart Award: Colin Pfening

 4H Youth Grand: Margaret St Amand

 4H Youth Reserve: Sydney LeVasseur

 Adult Grand: Linda Hjelm

 Adult Reserve: Colleen St Amand

Black & White Photo

 Open / 4H Youth Grand: Colin Pfening

 Open / 4H Youth Reserve: Alexandria Gustafson

 Adult Grand: Linda Hjelm

 Adult Reserve: Linda Hjelm


Crafts & Hobbies

Open Youth Grand: Jacob Fausti

Open Youth Reserve: Ella Cregger

4H Grand: Margaret St Amand

4H Reserve: Jeshua Dimmick

FFA Grand: Hunter Pagac

FFA Reserve: Ainsley Carpenter

Adult Grand: Leah Johnson

Adult Reserve: Isaiah Zerbst


Vintage Tractors

Grand Champion: John Ader, John Deere

Reserve Champion: Beau Stehlar, Ford 2N


Shop / Ag

Grand Champion: David Barth


Fair Book Cover Winner

Haley Neumiller

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