Lofty Skies C.O.F.F.E.E. New Location Open Now

Nearly two months after closing its doors on N. Main Street, the coffee shop Lofty Skies and Brewed Streams is back open for business at their new location at 851 S. Main Street in Deer Park, now sporting a new logo and a new name: Lofty Skies C.O.F.F.E.E.. They welcomed their customers back with a soft-opening on July 22nd, an event geared to show patrons their new space, which, in true Lofty Skies style, is a mixture of modern ease and homestyle comfort.

The location, which previously housed Appearance’s Salon, has been completely renovated down to the sheetrock, creating an open, bright café atmosphere, complete with wood floors and handmade counters and tabletops. Despite the lighter look, there is still plenty of the old “Lofty Vibe” presence, with secluded nooks in the back for those wishing to find their own dark corner to read or work.

Owners Jason and Trisha Grizzle stated that the main reason for the move was to enhance the customer experience. “It was really about better parking and access for customers,” Jason said. The previous location mainly allowed for shared street parking, which made it difficult for customers to find a space in peak times. In the new location in the Park Plaza Shopping Center, there are plenty of parking spaces around the café to accommodate all of the nearby businesses.

The internet café, which celebrated its three-year anniversary during their downtime, has also revamped their menu. They’ve expanded their beverage menu to add fan favorites such as Lotus Energy Drinks, Protein Shakes, and added a new, lighter blend of their custom 4 Seasons Coffee, “LS2”. They have also begun serving salads on their food menu, providing more options for lunch.

A Grand Opening is scheduled for a later date, once the rest of the minor repairs are completed to the new space. As of right now, Lofty Skies is maintaining their previous hours of Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-3pm.

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