Musketeer Mayhem

The Thrilling Tale Of The Three Musketeers is a raving retake of the classic story.  First, the audience was invited to get lost in the castle, and from there taken on a journey of sarcasm and slapstick, climaxing in utter chaos.

The Homelink drama team under the careful tutelage of Mrs. Steverding has staged yet another runaway masterpiece.  The story was a kick and the cast was exceptional. Several members of the cast tackled a variety of accents, and most with great success.  If there was a missed line, the audience was certainly not aware of it; the occasional misbehaving set piece was turned into a joke and didn’t interrupt the flow of the production at all.

Naturally, there was the obligatory swashbuckling. The three musketeers, played by Bralyn Decker, Nathaniel Knudtson, and Jordan Heglin were in charge of working out the choreography of their own swordplay, which was well planned and executed. They also worked together with the two henchwomen, played by Hanna Ogle and Nicole Araya, as well as Micah MacDonald for some of the sword scenes.  Stage movements and blocking throughout the production were strong and tight.

Hanna Ogle and Nicole Araya’s aforementioned henchwomen stole many a scene with their energy, teamwork, and comedic timing.  Also of note was Bralyn Decker performing as D’artagnan, aka “Artie.” His facial expressions and vocal inflections had the audience laughing out loud more than once.  

If I tried to just pick out all the strong performers I would end up simply writing out the entire cast of credits. There were 24 students playing 40 roles, and they all shone.

As the school year draws to a close, a group of the Homelink drama students will be graduating and setting off on new adventures.  Though Steverding is losing several strong performers, there are many rising actors in her company that will, no doubt, be able to carry the shows on to further successes.

Graduating this spring are:

  • Emma Seimen
  • Jordan Heglin
  • Micah McDonald
  • Nathaniel Knudtson
  • Tyler Shupe

Congratulations and best wishes on your future endeavors!

Look for teasers of upcoming plays once school is back in session this fall!

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